Thursday, 30 August 2012

To tragus or not to tragus?

So lately I have been considering a new ear piercing. Now, I have already modified my body a lot in the past year, I had my foot tattooed which I wanted done for years as well as a musical heart on my waist line and I had my belly button pierced.

I am now itching for something more, I don't quite feel complete yet.
I had my ears pierced when I was about 3 and then a second time when I was about 12/13 although I never wear anything in my second holes.
Now though I want my tragus pierced I think it would look quite good with the hair style I have as it would be seen all the time but I'm a wimp and I hate needles with a passion!

I would also like one more tattoo I have 3 in total but I found this and fell in love! For those of you who don't  know it's a quote from the notebook.

So what do you think of it all, are you a tattoo's and piercing's kind of person??

Tania xx


  1. your tattoos are so pretty, I'm thinking of getting one kind of a little bit higher up than your flower one, will it hurt there? I know it's bony so could hurt more, I'm nervous (a) xx

  2. um I won't lie to you, yes it hurts, especially the bit around your ankle! However I'm a bit of a wimp so you may not experience as much pain as I did! Overall its bearable though so don't worry to much!!


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