Monday, 3 December 2012

Instagram Photos

 So in this post I thought I would share with you a few of my Instagram photos from the last few months.

 1. This was my gorgeous boyfriend and myself all ready for a lovely meal out with some friends for my 23rd birthday. I decided to do something a bit low key this year as I was a bit depressed about how old I was getting we did however enjoy a lovely meal at a lovely restaurant called The Reef.

2. This was taken during out short break to Paris, I don't think I shared this in my Paris post but I think it's a great shot of the Eiffel Tower! We had such a fantastic time.

3. Ahh the skeleton top, this was a purchase of mine from Missguided, surprisingly enough NOT for Halloween although I am a bit sceptical about wearing it because I do feel as though I should be going to a Halloween party, but its quite quirky. It may also look like I am only wearing the top but I also have shorts and long knee high socks on, just in case you thought I was half naked!! :/

4. This photo was actually taken this weekend, it was a girls night out as my friend Katie was visiting from London. If you have time check out her band Monroe she is a brilliant singer and I can assure you big things will happen so keep your eyes peeled. I also really like my outfit in this picture I am wearing a Topshop cropped mesh top with a  blue waterfall skirt and some studded wedged heels which unfortunately you can't see!

 5. This is when I purchased my onesie it is from Boohoo and is incredibly warm and fluffy, perfect for those cold winter nights!

6. This photo was taken from Brooke beach my boyfriend and I drove out there to watch the sunset as it was a rather nice evening.

7. Nothing fun behind this photo, I was actually supposed to be doing uni work but I was incredibly bored... procrastination at its best!

8. I bought the BarryM magnetic nail polish not that long ago, I think its amazing so easy and simple to use and it creates a great effect.

9. Finally this is just a picture of me and My boyfriend messing around with his new galaxy S3 mini... testing out the quality of the camera ;)

I hope you enjoy looking at these, I think I will try and do an Instagram post at least once a month so I can show you guys what I have been up to! 


  1. Love your pictures
    Amazing har cut

  2. Hello sweet have tagged you in a blog post :)


    1. Hey thanks for the tag, I'm really rubbish at those things though :/ Sorry! xx

  3. i have yet to try magnetic nails.. they look gorgeous!

    My blog: Caught in a Daze.

    1. Yes they give a great look and are so easy to do, would definitely recommend trying it! :) xx

  4. Great photos! I love your hair!


  5. Hello lovely, I have tagged you in a blog post, hope you have fun completing it! xx


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