Tuesday, 18 December 2012

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Hello my lovely followers.
I do apologise for the lack of posts recently but around Christmas time as I'm sure you all know life gets a bit hectic! It also doesn't help that I've had a terrible cold and was sent home from work the other day so have been feeling a bit crappy :( I did however find some Hello Kitty tissues which made it a bit more bearable :)

On a brighter note most of my Christmas shopping is now done *YAY* I've been so unorganised this year because I have been so stuck on what to buy everyone. My friend and I took a trip over to West Quay in Southampton on Saturday as the choice of shops on this island is few and far between. Luckily it wasn't horrendously busy like I was expecting, still busier than usual but tolerable. Now the problem I have when Christmas shopping is resisting to buy lots of things for myself and its so typical that when you're looking you don't find anything and when your not you see everything you could ever want! Well I have to say I was very impressed with my self control, which is usually non-existent when it comes to shopping, as I only bought a pair of jeans from Miss Selfridge's and a lovely little green dress from Topshop. The rest of my shopping I am pleased to say consisted of Christmas presents, which I sat and lovingly wrapped yesterday (I'm terrible at wrapping).

So I am going to leave you with my top 10 favourite things about Christmas time:
  1. All the pretty lights on the houses (makes driving more interesting).
  2. The way the house smells.
  3. Everyone's good spirits. 
  4. Wearing hats, scarf's and gloves. 
  5. Eating lots of chocolate.
  6. Spending time with family. 
  7. Christmas songs, 'ITS CHRISTMASSSSS!'
  8. Snow (if it does *fingers crossed*).
  9. Films on the TV.
  10. Exchanging presents.

If I don't post before I hope you all have a great Christmas :) 


  1. You're so full of christmas spirit, such a lovely little post :) xo

  2. <3 the green dress and fairy lights!

    Your blog is lovely and I am now following :)

    If you like my blog I thought we could follow each other?



  3. Hello! Just to let you know I have nominated you for the versatile blogger award!


    Annie-Lou X

    1. Thank you, but I'm so rubbish at answering questions like that! Sorry :/ thank you though that's very sweet!

  4. you have such a cute blog :) xxx


  5. I NOMINATED YOU FOR A LIEBSTER AWARD HERE http://teenbeautyowl.blogspot.com/2013/01/the-leibster-award.html XOXXX

    happy new year:)

    1. Thank you for the nomination, I'm rubbish at those things though! It was kind of you to nominate me though :)

  6. you have such a cute sense of style! I just happened upon your blog and fell in BIG immediate love :) just had to join! on twitter too. i hope you stop by my little internet space too! cheers xoxo

  7. Nice Dress :)
    Check out my blog at: www.beauty-fulll.blogspot.com

  8. What cute dress, I love this color :)

  9. Love this post.. Great photos. Was wondering if you could check out my blog and perhaps we could follow each other?



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