Monday, 7 January 2013

2013 My Year

It seems so cliché doesn't it, new years resolution's, most of which are made to be broken. I don't mean to put loads of negativity out there, trust me I'm a believer of fresh starts and giving yourself hope for a better year. It just seems like so much changes when the clock hands land on 12 and suddenly your a better version of your old self. Someone whose going to be early for work, eat healthy and lose weight. Although I seem very la dee da about this I too am being sucked in to setting myself goals those of which I will strive to keep probably for the first couple of months and then completely forget I ever made them after life just takes over.
There's nothing wrong with some goals to motivate yourself though, so here's mine:

Goals 2013
Have a balanced diet (not too many take away's!!)
Exercise more
Save money
Find a second job to help with the saving of money!
Start making YouTube videos
Blog more
Start a scrap book
Take more photo's
Go somewhere I haven't been yet
Stop worrying about people that don't matter
Have fun!
Say I can to more things, instead of I can't 
Get another tattoo
Get up early so I have enough time to actually get to work!
Go to bed at a reasonable time
& Finally, Live, Laugh, Love! :) 

Ooo exciting news too my new camera arrived today so I can finally start making my YouTube videos and take lots of photo's to blog about I am very excited about this!

What are you new years resolutions? 


  1. i love these little motivational pictures! one of my goals is to have fun too. i have too man excuses why i don't have time for myself

  2. Yeah I thought they were rather inspiring, I'm a sucker for a good quote! Yes having fun is definitely important! Life is boring without fun :) xx

  3. This is so great - plus you have the coolest hair ever! Am now following :D
    Would love a follow back :D

    1. Thank you that's very sweet :) I will check yours out too!! xx

  4. Great article, may 2013 be a awesome year for you! ;)

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  5. love the pictures, happy new year!

  6. I love weheartit and I like your blog. :)
    Thanks for following me. :)
    I am adding your blog in my list. :D


    1. I love look through the pictures on it! Thanks for following me too :) xx

  7. Happy new year.

  8. Happy new year and hope 2013 is a good one!
    Great post - luv the title and pictures:) Good luck and hope you can acheive your goals x

  9. Happy new year to you, too:)
    good luck with your goals, I have recently put mine on my blog:) I'd like to jog!
    Lots of love, Catherine x

    1. Thanks, I followed your blog looks very nice! Look forward to reading more :) xx

  10. Happy New Year darling! I love your goals for this year :) And the quotes are awesome... very Inspirational!

    1. Same to you! Thanks, I hope I achieve them! So far the progress is slow :/ ha! xx


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