Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Shine bright like a diamond

Today I thought I would share with you some nail vanishes I am currently loving. Now I'm not one to be arty farty with my nails, as I'm certainly not a steady handed person. If I ever want any intricate designs I usual take my bum to the local beauty place! If you have read any previous posts you will know I had my nails painted in a Christmas theme for the festive season, if not you can have a look here. While that was all well and good as we started to get further in to January I realised my nails were quickly out dating!! So with it being January and the pennies being few and far between, I decided to cover up my Christmas design, as I wasn't quite ready to say goodbye to the fake nails yet! Here is what I used.....

And the result!! My nails may look a bit strange as the infill's haven't been done but you get the idea!

Is there any particular nail vanishes your currently loving? I'm always on the hunt for new colours! Even though I have a draw full :/


  1. I love the colours and how you've layered them!


    1. Thanks :) Shame the nails look a bit crappy, can't bring myself to take them off though lol! xx

  2. Your nails look amaaaazing - I love the Models Own one!
    By the way, I've just nominated you for the Liebster Award! :)

    ellay xxx

  3. Ahh these are gorgeous!

  4. These look awesome, I love a bit of Ibiza Mix, it's a nightmare to get off though : /


  5. ahh, i've been wanting to try model's own polish for ages now! love this look, so pretty!

  6. Love the base colour! I have the Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine in the pink colour and loved it too. They dry so much quicker than a lot of my other Barry M polishes which is always a bonus for someone as impatient as me! Might have to try this colour out as well!

    Great blog x


  7. We LOOVE models own nail polish, so cool!!!
    We like your blog and your hair style!!

  8. love this combo! it looks so beautiful :)

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // youtube

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  9. love it! my sister wears the same nailpolish :)
    xx ♥

  10. Love this! want the barry m jelly nail varnishes so badly! new follower :)x

  11. That barry M gelly nails colour is gorgeous! And you nails look great- love the glitter
    Daniella x


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