Wednesday, 6 February 2013

February Wishlist

Even though I have put myself on a spending ban because I'm trying to be responsible and save money, I can't help but trawl through the internet and shops. Its like an addiction, I see things and I just HAVE to have them in my life! Here are a few beauties I've spotted recently which I would really love to add to my wardrobe!! I have never tried any of the Naked Palettes from Urban Decay, I love this new addition to their collection and it seems to be a reasonable price! I'm also currently loving the bowler hat fashion at the moment. I tried the Topshop one on but just couldn't justify the £25 price tag so was thrilled to find the cheap Ebay equivalents. I have wanted a Topshop Geek top for ages too but being so tiny the t-shirt just swamped me (I know its ment to be oversized but it was ridiculously oversized on me!!) I was so disappointed ... until they bought out these nifty little crop tops, still oversized in style but a much better fit for me than the t-shirt!

This weekend I am going shopping in Portsmouth which is a pretty big deal for someone stuck on a little island! My lovely boyfriend is taking me over and we are making it a pre valentines trip (because I'm away the weekend of Vday) including a meal out in Gunwharf Quays. So should be fun! Hopefully I will come back with some of these goodies but I am still trying to be good! I will not give in to temptation ...... too much! :)


  1. Rules or "Bans" in your case are meant to be broken haha. Buy something!

    Love the skater skirt would go with absolutely loads of tops!


    1. Ha I definitely did break them! Came back with lots of goodies... including a skater skirt! xx

  2. I'm like you, i have to buy it. So when i've got like no money i have stop myself from going in shops cause i'll just buy everything.. Great wishlist, i've always wanted a bowler hat but never gotten round to buy one, off to ebay i go,haha! xx


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