Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Beauty buys... plus a cheeky freebie!

Hi you lovely lot! Sorry I've been so absent lately, I don't really have a good excuse because I've had 2 weeks off work! Its just finding the time I guess! I have some goodies I have recently purchased that I'd like to share with you!!

First up lets talk about the Real Techniques Core Collection from Boots I've been ogling over these brushes for months and as I kept seeing really good things about them I decided to dip in to my purse and give in! I've never owned a really good set of make up brushes I've only ever bought cheap ones as I've always thought why spend so much on some brushes, the idea baffled me?! However I have to say I'm so glad I bought these!! The buffing brush alone is worth it! All the brushes are so soft and I no longer have to put up with shedding as I did with all my cheap bushes! At £21.99 these were so worth it!! 

Next up we have the MUA nail constellation and primer from Superdrug! I never really venture in to Superdrug as Boots is usually my go to for all things beauty! Since joining the blogging world however and hearing about MUA I thought I'd venture in! The purpose for this was originally to get the undress me eye-shadow palette but unfortunately they had all sold out :(  However I did end up picking up MUA's Nail constellation in Scorpio and Undress your skin primer as I needed a new one! I can't wait to try these out! It all seemed so cheap too and seen as though I've heard good things about the brand you can't really go wrong for that kind of money because even if you don't like it, its not a big lose! I'd love to know your views on MUA products, if you've tried any?

Last but not lease I bought the L'oreal Mousse absolute in natural dark brown (400). I usually use Live colour XXL in the foam when I dye my hair but this drew me in due to the fact that it was already mixed and re-usable! Looking forward to giving this a go! Will hopefully post with results. I also picked up the latest copy of Cosmopolitan and received a free Argan hair oil by Phill Smith, I've only used it once and have never really used hair oil before but so far but I love it! My hair felt so soft to touch and it really replenished it and bought it back to life!! Would definitely consider purchasing this!!


  1. Oo great little haul! I bought a few real technique brushes recently and so far, loving it!!

    I also got that argan oil creme (noticed you typed Paul instead of Phil by the way) from Cosmopolitan and it also made my hair soft too!

    Would luv to hear how you got on with the L'Oreal mousse, not seen any reviews on this yet and the product really intrigues me x

  2. Glad you like it :)
    The brushes are fab definitely considering getting more!!

    Oops :/ thanks for correcting me, that will teach me not to proof read lol!

    Yeah I'll hopefully do a post once I've used it! :) xx

  3. Hi there! I just nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award, it would be awesome if you could check it out :)

    Georgia xox


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