Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Bright lights, summer nights!

I popped in to Topshop the other day to return a top while I was waiting to meet friends for lunch. Now I was trying to be good and return a top that I actually rather like in order to save myself a bit of money however they only had a bloody sale on didn't they!! Damn you Topshop!! So I returned the Top and treated myself to a few treats, with the very good reason of 'I need new summer clothes'... yeah right!! I like to justify my uncontrollable habit if I can! So I bought a lovely dark purple vest with with a lace strip down the back this was on sale for £15... after this I didn't do so well as I purchased some full priced item, but I just couldn't help it! I bought some high waisted short shorts, a neon orange vest top and some panties (ooo la la) I also recently bought a lovely blue lace crop top which I wore out for my boyfriends birthday a few weeks ago!! I'm hoping to do some proper outfit posts on some of these items soon but for now here is a little posing snap I got of myself in the neon top and shorts! Sorry for the quality and the state of my boyfriends mirror!!

I love the fact the warmer weather seems to finally be appearing. Summer clothes are so much nicer than winter clothes I think and for once its nice to not have to wear a coat!! I just can't wait for beach days in the summer, I do actually need to invest in a new bikini.... honestly I really do... maybe! 
Hope everyone has been enjoying and making the most of the sunshine!!


  1. I love your hair x

  2. You look gorgeous, I absolutely love your hair!! xx


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