Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Lots to look forward too!

So once again I'm sorry because I haven't kept you all up to date on my blog! Life has been pretty busy lately, and after writing essay after essay after essay, the last thing I've wanted to do is write some more... even if it is about something a little more interesting! Luckily I have now finished my first year of uni WHOOO! I'm so relieved, no more essays to worry about until next year!

Right... so what have I been up too?! ... Besides working hard of course ;-)

For the bank holiday weekend I spent time visiting family in Basingstoke, I took the boyfriend along with me and we enjoyed a weekend of shopping, relaxing in the hot tub, eating Chinese and sitting in the sun enjoying a BBQ. It was a pretty nice relaxing weekend and nice to get away for a bit! It can sometimes feel like your a bit secluded living on a little old island. It's a nice treat to have a bigger range of shops to spend money in too! I did however restrain myself a little but still bought a few nice bits!

Got some converse which I've been lusting over for ages now but I was unsure of whether they would suit me as I'm a flip flops, heels and boots kinda girl but I really struggle when it comes to casual shoes! I'm so glad I got them though, I can already tell they will be getting the wear they deserve! I also got some new bikini's in the hope that we will actually get some kind of summer!?! Primark have some lovely ones in at the moment and as always really good value!! Another perfect excuse for bikini shopping is that I've booked a holiday to Turkey, 2 months tomorrow, just me and the boyfriend! I actually can't wait! Very excited!!

There's lots of exciting things coming up at the moment too, I will be donning my wellies for the Isle of Wight Festival in a couple of weeks! A girly spa weekend for my friends birthday, a hen do and friends wedding, hopefully some summer fun too *fingers crossed*!! ... Although even if we get a rubbish summer hopefully Turkey will make up for it! :)

Going on holiday is also the perfect excuse to get in shape so I think I've finally found the motivation I needed for that bikini body! So the 30 day shred lasted a week, these sit ups I keep telling myself I'm going to do never happen but now I have two weeks tomorrow to get in shape. I am going to work my ass of trying to turn my chunky monkey tummy in to a perfectly trimmed tum that's totally beach worthy! :)


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