Monday, 3 June 2013

Isle of Wight Festival

As most of my readers may know by now.. or maybe not, I live on the little old Isle of Wight! It's absolutely beautiful, especially in the summer as we are surround by lovely beaches! It's beautifully scenic and great for walks! The downside is in the winter it can feel like you're really secluded from the rest of the world and its so expensive to get off if you want to, so it can get a bit tedious at times! However when the sun shines you remember how lucky you are to live on such a lovely island! The other good thing is that we have two amazing festivals, what's better than having a festival right on your door step ay?!
Next weekend I will be donning my wellies and festival gear and heading to the Isle of Wight Festival! The line up this year is great and I'm especially excited to the The Killers, I used to love this band when I was younger and my all time favourite song has to be Mr Brightside, it's a classic and it's going to be epic watching them!

So as you can imagine every shopping trip lately has been justified with 'but I need this for the festival'! I have picked up a few nice things though! Including a hat from River Island and some clothes, sunnies and jewellery from Primark! I have some Rayban sunglasses but I'm worried they will get lost or broken in the madness of the festival so Primark is a great alternative for a pair at only £1 you can't go wrong!

I thought this cool little crop top from Primark was very apt for a festival! The hat is from river island which you can find here (it's the same style hat just this one is beige and mine is black couldn't seem to find the black one on the website).

Anyway hopefully the sun will be shining bright for us this year! Very excited, can't wait!


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    Ps:Love that cute hat!

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