Saturday, 4 January 2014

Getting back to business.

It's now the year 2014 and as you can guess one of my 'sort of' new years resolutions is to get back in to blog writing. I say sort of because I've not actually made any new years resolution's this year as they tend to be forgotten about as soon as January passes. Now I think the last thing I blogged about was the Isle of Wight festival so a lot has probably happened since then, however instead of looking back we will just look forward.

I have to say before we get started again, recently I was a complete and utter numpty!! I deleted the entire collection of photos I had blogged due to not realizing my phone was connected. So it took me a while but I trawled through to bring my blog back to life again. So apologies if some of the posts seem a little odd as some of the photos I couldn't find but I think the majority were put back in there rightful place.

Anyway on to exciting things. So I am in the final year of my early childhood studies foundation degree and am currently embarking on the dreaded dissertation...dun..dun..dun!! Max and I are still saving for a house and are hoping to be in a position to look by the end of this year! I am also currently car shopping, which is all very exciting! I have a Kia Picanto at the moment which has been in the wars a bit and is now getting a little past it's retirement. So I have decided it is time to invest in a new car. We had a quick look around today and I have to say I have fallen in love with a Mini Cooper S convertible! The other option we have been looking at is to buy a Suzuki Swift which are pretty nifty little cars. No doubt there will be a blog post when the new edition arrives though.

Well I'm sorry if this post has been a little boring but it was really just a quick "hello I'm back" sort of post. A big thank you if you are still following me, I'm hoping to bring you a variety of interesting content this year and I appreciate all your support.

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