Thursday, 9 January 2014

The beginning of FITNESS FRIDAY!

It's January which means were probably all feeling the post holiday blues. So to combat this we usually try to make some lifestyle changes and plan out our year. 2014, the best year ever right? So what changes do we seek? healthy eating, exercise... these are the usual ones that people begin to clutch to, and I myself are no different. I joined the gym back in 2013. I'd already tried various ways to get fit but my motivation was lacking. I decided by joining the gym I would have somewhere to go, somewhere where I couldn't just sit down on the sofa when I'd had enough or give up when ever I wanted. The only trouble I found was actually getting my very lazy bum to the gym!! So I have been a member of the gym for quite some time now with the added bonus of using the other facilities such as the spa and work out classes. This year I am making it my mission to make the most of my membership, I'll admit so far I haven't done very well at all seen as though I haven't been once! I did however have a nice spa session the other day.

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To help me find my motivation for this I am going to use my blog and create FITNESS FRIDAY. This will be where I share with you my fitness achievements of the week and hopefully we may be able to motivate each other if you are taking a similar journey?!

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One thing I have gained from my membership is the ability to hula hoop, they offer a hula hooping fitness class at my leisure centre which I have made an effort to regularly attend. I enjoyed it so much that Max (my boyfriend) had a hula hoop made especially for me as a birthday present back in October!

So hopefully you will join me on FITNESS FRIDAY (starting on the 17th January) to see my progress! I'd love for you to share your to!  


  1. beautiful! would you like to follow eachother?

    1. That would be great! I've followed you :) xx


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