Saturday, 8 March 2014

Getting Organised

Recently I've made a few big purchases these include an iPad Mini and a Mac Book Pro. I had wanted an iPad for a long time and I suddenly caved and decided I needed one in my life! I opted for the mini with retina display and it's brilliant, I love it! I use it every day and it's so useful! I love how I can just pop it in my handbag and take it around with me!
A few months after I bought the iPad I was umming and ahhing about getting a new laptop. I had a rubbish Advent which to be honest had served it's purpose for about 4/5 years now but it was definitely on its way out! I've always loved apple products, despite the rather hefty price tag that goes with them so I decided to take advantage of my student discount and a special 0% finance promotion apple had on and invest in a Mac Book Pro. Im so glad I did, it works so well with my iPad and I find it much nicer to use than a PC. Going from PC to Mac was a little strange at first and it took a while to figure out how to even get the bloody thing running but with a little help from a friend I was finally up and running and able to start exploring. I can already tell it's definitely going to be worth the investment and I'd recommend it to anyone who is undecided about whether to go PC or Mac!!

So with my new gadgets in hand I thought I'd get more organised. I took a trip to TK Maxx and purchased these two beautiful notebooks. I thought I could carry the smaller one around with me so I can write down any ideas that may pop in my head when I'm out and about and the second hardback one will stay at home so I can write down blog post ideas and other note worthy things.

Organisation isn't one of my strong points but hopefully this will help! Plus I love stationary so I'll find any excuse to buy it really :)


  1. Ooo so jealous of your purchases! Especially the iPad and Mac!
    I'm not that organised either this should definitely help :)


  2. It was a rather huge splurge but I'm currently doing my degree so that was one justification, another was that they're just too pretty not to buy lol! The notebooks are proving very useful too! Xx


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