Sunday, 30 March 2014

I Love Wight

This is going to be a new feature on my blog guys and I really hope you like it!

Every Sunday my boyfriend and I have a whole day which we get to spend together doing whatever we like, this usually includes going on walks or finding a yummy cafe or restaurant to eat in! As we both work this is the one day we get to spend quality time together and go on our little adventures around the island!

I live on the Isle of Wight (I'm sorry if I keep reminding you of this)!! It's so beautiful and there are loads of quaint little places to visit and explore.

I thought I'd invite you along for the journey! 'I Love Wight' will be posted every Sunday and will be about anything that Max (the boyfriend) and I have got up to on our Sunday's together... I kind of like to think of it as 'Max and Tania's day of fun' If your a Friends fanatic like myself then you'll get that reference :)

So this weekend Max and I went for a drive. Max had to deliver some business cards as he is now self employed. Now I know your thinking, a drive?! Well that doesn't sound exciting but here it actually can be! We found a little byway (a little track that is off the main road that cars are still aloud to drive down) which we decided to go and explore. Not knowing where it is going to take you is one of the best parts! It was rather bumpy but we saw some great views along the way! We drove to Ryde and it was such a lovely clear day that you could see Portsmouth just across the water! There was also a kitesurfer out which is always fun to watch! We then had the yummiest Nachos in a pub/restaurant in Sandown! They are the best I think we've found! Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo but I'll remember next time we find something yummy!

So What do you guys think? I hope you'll enjoy it.


  1. Wow, all these photo's are so pretty!

    I hate to be a pest but I'm currently 4 followers away from 100 and If you could follow me it would mean the world! Thank you and have a great day!

    -Magenta xxx

  2. so jealous of you right now, you get to spend time with your boyfriend every Sunday... alone time! Why do I feel like I constantly have to nag mine ahahahhaha!!! Lovely post, would love to visit there for maybe a day, the last time I went I bought my cats from there loool!!

    1. It's nice because he works a lot more than I do but we like to put time aside for each other! Ha I still nag mine don't worry lol!
      Yeah it's a beautiful place, although I do sometimes get jealous of all the shops other places have when we've got hardly any :( but the beaches make up for it!



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