Thursday, 10 April 2014

High Street vs High End // Foundation

So I've recently started trying out a few more high end brands instead of just sticking to the comfort of Boots!

I've tried and loved the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation for probably about a year now! I am constantly repurchasing because its just amazing.

Now I'm not sure whether this can be a true comparison as the two foundations I am going to discuss are quite different in a way. But hey ho... here we go...

I was matched for my Mac foundation by a lady at the counter who suggest I needed pinker toned foundation rather than orange due to my complexion. So she picked out the shade NW15. It was quite exciting to have someone who actually knows what they're talking about pick out what suits you best. With the Rimmel foundation and my very little knowledge I usually go for shade 200 in soft Beige... I do sometimes flit between that and the nude though depending on how I'm feeling really.

Now the Mac foundation is more of a Matt finish and the Rimmel has more of a dewey finish to it. I really loved the Mac foundation when the lady applied it for me in Mac, I felt it wasn't too heavy and still looked natural yet covering. However when it came to me applying it myself, I couldn't seem to get the look she gave me. I feel with the Rimmel that the coverage is better than the Mac, yet it still doesn't appear heavy and caked on. Both foundations have SPF15 which is good and they are both 30ml glass bottles. The Mac one retails for £21.50 and you have to pay extra for the pump (this I could not understand why!!) whereas the Rimmel one comes in at a much more affordable £8.99 (with pump!). One plus about the Mac foundation is they're huge selection of shades. You don't get such a variety with high street brands, so if you often struggle to find the perfect match then it might be worth a try!

I do like both of these foundations and I tend to use my Mac one when I want more of a natural look. However I do find myself returning back to the Rimmel one again and again! With all the similarities and differences between the two I would say Rimmel has it in the bag for me! I don't think the Mac one particularly excels over the Rimmel and especially with the big price difference theres nothing that I don't get from the Rimmel one that I get from the Mac.


  1. Everyone raves about the Rimmel wake me up foundation! I really love the Rimmel match perfection foundation too, it provides just a little more coverage! xx

    1. I've not tried the Match Perfection one! Every time I go to boots I seem to be lured back in by the wake me up! Maybe I'll have to give that one a try next time! xx


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