Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Topshop- Stepping in to spring

Jumper // Leggings
Yay it's been a sunny weekend once again!

So I fell in Topshop the other day and they had pretty clothes so I was clearly forced to buy them! These beautiful blue mini gingham print leggings are a great edition to my spring/summer wardrobe, they're so comfy too! I teamed it with this pastel yellow cropped jumper, keeping me nice and cosy still in the cold breeze. Then to finish it I chucked on my blue sandals. These babies were from Primark for only £10.. what a bargain!!

The Topshop sale is here now too, so there goes my chances of 'not shopping for a while' .... ha yeah like that was ever going to happen anyway right?!

P.S sorry about the smudge on the photo's I forgot to wipe the lens!!

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