Sunday, 23 April 2017

Iceland land of fire and ice

Hey everyone,

Well it's been a pretty long time huh?! There's probably just been tumbleweeds rolling past for a while.. yeah sorry about that! Anyway here I am with another post... Finally! My boyfriend and I have just come back from our holiday to Iceland and it was AMAZING, I mean I couldn't not share it with anyone. If anyone is looking for somewhere new to visit I'd highly recommend this beautiful place! My top tips if visiting would be:

1. Definitely rent a car- we stayed about an hour and half outside of their main city of Reykjavik so a car was pretty much a necessity for us. However even if you do stay in the main city a car would give you so much more freedom. Iceland is pretty large so there is a lot of ground you could cover if you wanted. We rented a little Suzuki Jimny from Lagoon car rentals, our car was a fairly new model and had little to no damage. With regards to insurance we made sure to get the sand and ash cover and gravel cover (some of Icelands roads are gravelled but you could stay on the ring road if needed) this did us absolutely fine and I would recommend this being the options you go for if any! We managed to give our car back as we found it so that was pretty good going. Lagoon car rental I would definitely recommend. I read lots of horror stories of car rental companies before we visited so was a bit hesitant when booking but I was pleased with the treatment we received.

2. Go to the Blue Lagoon- The Blue Lagoon was something I was really excited about when we booked our trip and I knew that it was something on the 'to do' list. I read up lots before visiting and lots of posts I came across said that the Blue Lagoon was a bit 'overrated' and overcrowded and you would be better off visiting places like the Secret Lagoon (which while in Iceland and talking to other travellers I heard wasn't so 'secret'). I'm sure it is also a lovely place to visit but I don't think anything would really compare to the Blue Lagoon. The facilities were pretty on point and the experience was just awesome, I especially loved the swim up bar! You get a band when you go in so any extras you want to buy they just scan your band and you get a bill at the end when you exit. The one thing I didn't try was the silica mud mask which looked good but we were visiting Reykjavik in the afternoon and I didn't want to look too much a mess!! We went during Easter holidays so you'd expect it to be pretty busy at these times in particular, yes there were people there but I definitely wouldn't say it was too crowded. There are lots of different areas for people to visit so your not all in one place together all the time.

3. Drive the Golden Circle- Even if you don't want to hire a car for your whole trip I'd definitely recommend it for a day to do the golden circle tour. I can't imagine much worse that being stuck on a coach for it as it takes quite a few hours to visit all the places. Also you should definitely go outside the golden circle and visit some of the other waterfalls, although maybe not on the same day as that might be a bit too much!

Finally just enjoy it! This country is beautiful and I love all the natural wonders you can visit. I really wish we could of had more time here but I think the time we had we used well, it was a pretty action packed adventurous holiday! If you do visit then please leave a comment on this post would love to hear other peoples experiences and tips because we're already said we would definitely visit again one day! 😊


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